Petabridge 2019 training tour


Akka.Cluster, .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes, and More!

Over two days you're going to learn how to use Akka.Cluster, .NET Core, Docker, and Kubernetes to build production-grade, real-time applications that can be seamlessly deployed via Continuous Delivery best practices without any downtime.  

We have selected our first two locations for the 2019 Akka.NET Training Tour!

  Houston, TX May 30th - May 31st  

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  Amsterdam August 15th - 16th  

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We are still picking additional cities. Tell us where you would like to see the 2019 Akka.NET Training Tour below! 

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2 Day Training Schedule

Day 1



   In day 1 of this workshop we're going to learn how to use Akka.NET and Akka.Cluster to build production-grade distributed applications. In addition to the concepts you will get hands-on experience learning how to build highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications that can be upgraded via Continuous Integration with zero downtime.  

Day 2



  In day 2 of our Akka.NET Workshop you're going to learn how to use Docker, Kubernetes, and Continuous Integration to manage, monitor, and make changes to your Akka.NET cluster without missing a beat.  

Aaron stannard

CEO Petabridge 

About Aaron    

Aaron is the founder and CEO of Petabridge, and the co-founder of the Akka.NET open-source project. Prior to Petabridge, Aaron founded MarkedUp Analytics, a real-time in-app marketing and analytics service used by 1000+ developers. Prior to that he worked at Microsoft as a Startup Developer Evangelist.




Petabridge is a world leader in building distributed systems and distributed systems tools in the .NET ecosystem; we serve our customers by providing them with professional-grade open source software packages, proprietary tooling, consulting, training, and support.


Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, Petabridge has been rapidly growing over the past 3 years. In 2017 we relocated from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas. Our customers span the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Bank of America, S&P Global, and CitiGroup to early stage startups; we help them succeed by developing better, more resilient systems on the backs of open source technologies we develop such as Akka.NET, NBench, and others.


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